Machwing maintains and warrants all products manufactured and installed by us. Our maintenance team is in the capacity to maintain all kinds of BMU’s and Access system manufactured by any company & other company also.

Mechwing Maintenance team members are well qualified, highly skilled and specially trained on various kind of machines from different brands to handle the maintenance and repair work of all kind of Facade cleaning equipment (BMU) available in the market. Some details are given below:-

  • Automatic Remote controlled Device use for façade cleaning (BMU)
  • We doing maintenance services of Double suspension cradle (two man cleaning cradle)
  • We also providing maintenance services of construction cradle, Hoist, Electrical panel, safety lock.
  • Also deal in mechanical devices like Gtwy 40, Sesser platform.

Our maintenance team assure all the works are on time. We are making sure all the emergency calls are attended with 1 to 3hrs and breakdowns within 24 hrs. maximum.